Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Is the earthquake at Christchurch, New Zealand, a picture and a sign of the shaking in the church of Christ?

I've just been reading...
CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND—the powerful earthquake that smashed buildings, cracked roads and twisted rail lines around the New Zealand city of Christchurch also ripped a new 3.5 metre-wide fault line in the earth’s surface, a geologist said Sunday.
At least 500 buildings, including 90 downtown properties, have been designated as destroyed in the 7.1-magnitude quake that struck at 4:35 a.m. Saturday (Friday afternoon, Eastern time) near the South Island city of 400,000 people. Most other buildings sustained only minor damage.
Canterbury University geology professor Mark Quigley said what “looks to us that it could be a new fault” had ripped across the earth and pushed some surface areas up. “One side of the earth has lurched to the right ... up to 11 feet (3.5 metres) and in some places been thrust up,” Quigley told National Radio. “The long linear fracture on the earth’s surface does things like break apart houses, break apart roads. We went and saw two houses that were completely snapped in half by the earthquake,” he said.  “The whole dairy farm is like the sea now, with real (soil) waves right across the dairy farm. We don’t have physical holes (but) where the fault goes through it’s been raised a meter or meter and a half,” he told National Radio.
The state of emergency in earthquake-stricken Christchurch has been extended for a further seven days after a violent aftershock this morning.
A magnitude 5.1 aftershock, the strongest since Saturday's big quake, hit at 7.49am this morning (5.49am AEST) at a depth of six kilometres in the Lyttelton area. It was preceded by a 4.1 magnitude shock and followed by a 3.8.
People rushed from hotels and inner city businesses, and power was out in parts of Christchurch.
"It was a devastatingly, vicious sharp blow to the city," he told NewstalkZB. "This was a terrifying moment. We have just had to evacuate our Civil Defence headquarters. "We have got staff in tears, we have got fire engines going through the middle of the city, power is out and a lot of people are very, very churned up by that.
"My guts are just churning up here. When will this thing end? It is like living in a maelstrom."
"This is a hammer blow to the spirit of a lot of people."

So, is the earthquake at Christchurch, New Zealand, a picture and a sign of the shaking in the church of Christ?
Early last year the Lord spoke to us very powerfully that a great shaking was coming over the Church. This would be both worldwide as well as locally.
He said, the shaking would come for two major reasons…
  •        That the Church needed a ‘shakedown’ as the world is very much attached to her in numerous ways, and as and when the shaking came many would realise that God was doing a fresh work of calling people back to Himself. There is a call to return!
  •      As the time of the end is drawing near, the hearts of leaders (and those that had any kind of leadership roles in the church), would be exposed. All that ‘man’ had built and established would fall, revealing its emptiness and fallacies.

Have you noticed in the news…many ‘old’ buildings in Christ church, were devastated and rendered unfit for use, and will be pulled down later! Hmm…think about it!
Also, have you noticed that just today, a few hours ago, serious aftershocks continue? I believe the shaking is continuing so that we would wake up! When the first quake hit Christchurch, most people were asleep! It is time therefore to wake up and become what God truly intended for us.
Within a year, these things are coming to pass. Surprised? I’m not! There is a ‘shakedown’ in the Church and many hearts are being revealed. It is amazing how the church was ‘controlled’ and ‘dominated’ by men who desired to become rich and famous. But here comes the other side of the coin…and this really gets us open before Him! Are we going to have the same attitude as our past leaders? Or are we going to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church in these final days?
So let us not ignore the signs of the times. Oh! Father! help us change our ways and lifestyle, and let us continue to do His will regardless.
Willie Soans


  1. Truly Eye opener.... Thanks Pastor for Sharing...:)

  2. Thanks for sharing this Pastor....
    Was just view some pics of this earthquake here..on this site..

  3. Abba us not to ignore the signs of the times. Yes O us change our ways and lifestyle, and let us continue to do Your will and faithfully serve you..
    Thank you Lord..
    In Jesus Name